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And they call this Friday Good?

What is Good Friday?

Good Friday is the day we remember Jesus dying on the cross.

It is a somber day of watching and waiting and seeing Jesus take his last breath. We are bereft.

All of the disciples were too.  They never expected that they would see Jesus again, but soon they did!

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Good Friday April 7

What's good about a Friday when Christ dies? The goodness is found in the Passion story in the Gospel according to John we always read on Good Friday, where the cross is not a defeat, but a victory over the powers of death, sin, and darkness. We leave the church this day in silence. It is an opportunity for each of us to meditate on Jesus' Passion and his great love and sacrifice for each of us.

"Love is at the heart of the meaning of the cross. Love is at the heart of the life Christ calls us to live. Love is at the heart of the movement Jesus began and which we live in our own time." Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, the Right Rev. Michael Curry. 

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Easter Vigil Saturday April 8

The Great Vigil of Easter is one of the oldest known rites of the Christian church, dating back to the second century. It brings worshippers, literally and symbolically, from darkness into light. Beginning in darkness after sunset on Holy Saturday, the vigil starts with the lighting of a fire, illuminating the darkness. The service is comprised of four parts: The Service of Light; The Service of Lessons; Christian Initiation (Holy Baptism) or the Renewal of Baptismal Vows; and the Eucharist (Holy Communion). 

It has been observed that the four sections of the service can be compared with fire, air, water, and earth, the four primal elements of the cosmos. The vigil’s history evokes that sense of the primal, of foundational beginning. The drama and ancient beauty of the Great Vigil of Easter opens for us the mystery and wonder of God in the Risen Christ. Alleluia!

Easter Sunday  April 9, 2023

Easter Day is the annual feast of the resurrection. Faith in Jesus’ resurrection on the Sunday or third day following his crucifixion is at the heart of Christian belief. This is the day when we mark that Christ is alive, and through his resurrection, we, too, are given the gift of life. Jesus breaks the bonds of death, breaking them on our behalf.  Let our joyous Alleluias ring!!

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