We mean it when we say "reaching out in love"!  Some of our methods have had to change due to pandemic safety, but we are all the more dedicated to serving God's people in Westfield and beyond.
Westfield Farmers' Market

Little Free Library


Located near our playground, our Little Free Library offers books for children and adults.  The books are free - please take what you would like to read.  

If you have books to donate, please drop them off at the church office (Tuesdays through Fridays between 9 am and 12:30 pm.

Westfield Food Pantry


We have a long history of supporting the Westfield Food Pantry.  Since the pandemic began, we have been collecting food for our own satellite pantry--a little red shed just outside our side door.  Food in our "Little Free Food Pantry" is available to the public at anytime!  Just walk up or drive up and take what you need.

To contribute to the LFFP, drive by once a month on Saturday (the date will be posted on the Home page each month.)  The Westfield Food Pantry schedules a grocery distribution on the third Saturday of each month in our driveway.  Check their website for more information.