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Clergy Transition

Profile Committee Members

Barbara Giacometti, Gene Giacometti, Margo Halton, Karen Newman, Deborah Randzio, Irene Ring, Tanya Kellogg, Chair


In this time of transition:


April 4, 2022




The people of The Episcopal Church of the Atonement in Westfield have called the Reverend Sandi Albom to serve as interim effective August 1st.


Atonement has enjoyed the inspired leadership of the Reverend Nancy Webb Stroud, rector since 2009. I am deeply grateful for Nancy's ministry and for her service to our diocese and the wider Church. A beloved rector prepares to leave and that is never easy. But we are glad that the timing is right for Sandi to leave her work in East Longmeadow and walk with the people of Atonement through the work of transition.

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